About Us

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Here are some quick facts about us

We are started to built the largest human edited music playlist site which its users can easly search and find their favorite songs and create multiple playlists to put them their pages for non-commercial and educational use in 2005.
songarea.co is online since year 2006 and today it has its last version. All versions has different interfaces and structures.

Access URLs : https://www.songarea.co, https://songarea.co
First publish date : 10 June 2006
Last publish date : 10 June 2006
Historical interfaces : 2 main interfaces, http://web.archive.org/web/*/songarea.co
Creator of the Site : Faith E.M.
Title of the site : Music PLaylist, Music Codes for Myspace,Facebook,Twitter
Programming Languages : PHP, MySQL and HTML
Editor and compiler of the site : OarSmaN
Current version : v2.0