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Average rating for James Hunter is 1/10 ( visits).
You can add James Hunter songs to your playlist by left clicking on the titles and on the next page choosing the best result. Above tracks are ordered by release date.
Let's Listen to these Playlists
sami1995's playlist (1 track)
Featuring: Mp3-find
sarabirsen's playlist (4 tracks)
Featuring: - Muzik The Verve Bitter Sweet Symphony / Ne-Yo - Because Of You / Hoobastank - The Reason / Faber Drive - G-Get Up And Dance
aren's playlist (5 tracks)
Featuring: Zhongsou / Zhongsou / Zhongsou / Zhongsou / Zhongsou
dark_ice0023's playlist (1 track)
Featuring: because im stupid-ss501
caligula's playlist (1 track)
Featuring: ac dc - stick around
manmano's playlist (1 track)
Featuring: ming and fs - the human condition
dhanix's playlist (1 track)
Featuring: 4shared
sol4nycguy's playlist (3 tracks)
Featuring: 4shared / 4shared / 4shared
bhea28's playlist (1 track)
Featuring: Zhongsou
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